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What Do You Have To Lose...

Donald Trump thinks your life is a game. He spins the wheel and you lose.

Unlike Jeopardy or You Bet Your Life, the consequences of Trump’s game are perilous and deadly.

When confronted with the greatest test a President could face, Trump failed to lead and put his own self- interest ahead of the nation.

Trump ignored the warnings on Coronavirus, called it a hoax, downplayed the threat and failed to test, isolate and contain the virus.

Trump’s incompetence created a more deadly pandemic and destroyed the economy.

More than 200,000 dead.
Millions unemployed.
A Nation in crisis.

Trump asked, What do you have to lose?

Now we know the answer.



What Do You Have To Lose 2020 is a grassroots Super PAC started by members of the theater and arts community and people who have worked for Democratic causes and candidates for decades.

Our unique ad campaign is designed to deliver a clear, concise and impactful message to undecided voters and motivate the Democratic base in the final stretch to election day.


Our mission is simple: Elect Joe Biden and defeat Trumpism.

To inform, motivate and mobilize a diverse coalition of Americans to help deliver a loud and decisive victory.

We must leave no doubt that America rejects Trumpism and is determined to restore the integrity of our democracy, the rule of law and the basic principles and values that have defined our nation for 244 years.

Donald Trump is the most unqualified, unprepared, incompetent, corrupt and dangerous president in the history of our country. Trump must be defeated with a decisive margin of victory that will prevent him from contesting the results and make it clear, America will not tolerate his kind again.

VOTE on November 3rd!